green eyes, you're the one that I wanted to find
12:19 a.m. || Sunday, Jun. 29, 2003

50 things about me [i tried to come up with 100 but I'm just not that interesting].

1. When I see six pack rings on the ground, anywhere, I pick them up, separate them completely, and throw them away as soon as possible.

2. I had scarlet fever when I was 4.

3. My grandfather was a presbyterian minister.

4. I don't have a religion.

5. My favorite song [or one in the top ten] is Gladys Knight and the Pips' "Midnight Train to Georgia."

6. I like to peel potatoes, and take the shells off hardboiled eggs.

7. Incidentally, I recently learned that some farmers feed the egg shells back to the hens for some nutrient they lose when they lay them [calcium?].

8. I have 3 really good friends.

9. They know who they are.

10. I go back to California in three weeks.

11. I particularly like the Irish phrase, "Good woman [or man] yourself", and plan to use it as much as humanly possible.

12. I also REALLY like that coldplay song that goes "Nobody said it was easy..." [i burned the cd and don't know the name]

13. I have never really loved anyone the way I would like to. Not enough.

14. I don't know what I want at all, anymore.

15. I miss clothes dryers. [spelling, I know]

16. One of my closest adult friends has pancreatic cancer and it gives me nightmares just to think about a world without her.

17. I am reading the New! Harry Potter book.

18. It makes me much happier than it should.

19. My favorite drink is strawberry lemonade.

20. My favorite place is my own little corner of Ocean beach.

21. I am not ashamed to say that I hate some people.

22. I'm not sure if I believe forgiveness is always applicable, or even possible.

23. I'm honest.

24. I talk a lot.

25. More than anyone you know most likely.

26. Unless you know me.

27. I always sing along to songs, and I know almost all the words to everything I hear.

28. One of the first songs I remember singing is Mona Lisa [done beautifully by Mr. Nat King Cole himself].

29. My father moved last year and I haven't written or called and neither has he.

30. I hate flying.

31. I love trains.

32. I hate the song "American Pie." [title is correct I hope.]

33. I don't particularly like the rolling stones, either.

34. Or Madonna. Or Cher. Or Kylie Minogue.

35. The chef I work with works with famous people. She's in some of the U2 Booklets under the thanks section. She worked with Keith Richards, of the aforementioned [and hated] R.S. She says that V. Morrison is a bitch to work for.

36. I met a guy here whose grandfather was the architect of Apartheid in S.Africa. He's the complete opposite of him, of course.

37. His wife is the S. African diplomat to Ireland. Way cool.

38. Someone else famous came here today but I still have no clue who he was.

39. Santana's kid went to my high school. He was nice. We took T'ai Chi together. His dad performed at a fund raiser for us.

40. And those are all of my famous people stories.

41. Except- Rob Schneider [of Men Behaving Badly, The Animal, SNL, and other obnoxious entertainment] came from my home town.

42. I truly detest tea.

43. I electrocuted myself [mildly] by accident this morning.

44. I don't much like Leonard Cohen, with the exception of Hallelujah.

45. My name has an I in it; it is not spelled Clare.

46. My favorite color is blue.

47. I'm going to amsterdam on the 6 of July.

48. I have gone down an entire pant's size since I came to Ireland.

49. My brother might be my favorite person in the world.

50. I love raviolis, smoothies [especially with raspberry], burritos, broccoli beef, tortellini, roast beef sandwiches, and chicken and potatoes in any form.

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